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    Bluetooth barcode scanner Lookup to find



      Bluetooth barcode scanner Lookup to find


      Hello everyone!  I am BRAND NEW to filemaker and I am just trying it out to see if I can build my Warehouse Management App onto it.  I come from a development background of Microsoft Access/SQL Server/.NET, so this is a completely new realm.  There are a few things I need to ascertain to see if FileMaker will be a suitable platform moving forward.

      I have a bluetooth barcode scanner that scans all my items perfectly and writes the data back to FileMaker Go 14.   I have also successfully implemented a "View" from my SQL server that gives me visibility into my data.  What I would like to do now is to scan a barcode using my bluetooth barcode scanner, take the barcode value scanned and look up the Item Number (because UPC does not equal item number) then peform a find on my layout using the value for Item Number.

      I currently have two tables in my FM application:  Catalog, and Inventory.  Table Catalog has 2 columns (Item Number, and UPC).  Table Inventory has 3 columns (Item Number, Quantity, and ShelfNumber)  Should be clear that the two tables are related on "Item Number".  

      My current Layout is for records on table Catalog and it has a Portal showing the related data on table Inventory.  Once I scan the barcode and lookup the Item Number from the Catalog table, I would then like to perform a find on my layout so that the Item Number whose barcode I scanned now displays and shows the inventory.

      Any ideas?  This has to have iOS compatible code because it will deployed onto an iPhone/iPod Touch.

      Thank you very much in advance.  

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          I have messed around with this sufficient to get to the point where with a script I can enter find mode and then use a custom dialog box with two inputs (one for Item Name, and one for UPC).  It looks like if I put a value into either one or the other, it performs the search.  If I enter data into the Item Name field, the search performs really quickly.  If I do it into the UPC field, it takes forever.  Is this simply because that field is not indexed properly?

          Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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            Possibly. Or maybe it just takes the scanner a while to input the data. Do you really need the custom dialog box here? Might be simpler to scan/input the data into global fields and then use a script to enter find mode and perform the find--or use a relationship to match to a related record when it comes to using the bar code.

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              Thanks PhilModJunk!  I appreciate the input.  Your suggestion sounds like something I'd like to pursue.  My problem is I am literally at ground level on this.  I would not know where to start with your suggestion.  Once I start to get the hang of methods and syntaxes within FM, I should be a little more on auto-pilot.  Its very different from the dev environments I'm used to.  


              Any direction would be very much appreciated.

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                Oh and by the way, I added indexes to my SQL server tables on the appropriate fields and now the searches do not take long at all.  Looks like it was an indexing issue in this instance.

                In an ideal world, I'd love to have my users just scan one value and the application is smart enough to go find the associated Item Name and apply the find.

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                  Do that all the time, either from a bar code scan or from user entered/selected data and there are multiple options. (I use the camera and insert from device to scan bar codes, but the same method should work for the blue tooth scanner.)

                  For a scanned bar code, I might well use a relationship where the field with the scanned barcode is used to match to a table of products and their bar code fields.