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Bluetooth barcode scanner Lookup to find

Question asked by BenKingery on May 21, 2015
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Bluetooth barcode scanner Lookup to find


Hello everyone!  I am BRAND NEW to filemaker and I am just trying it out to see if I can build my Warehouse Management App onto it.  I come from a development background of Microsoft Access/SQL Server/.NET, so this is a completely new realm.  There are a few things I need to ascertain to see if FileMaker will be a suitable platform moving forward.

I have a bluetooth barcode scanner that scans all my items perfectly and writes the data back to FileMaker Go 14.   I have also successfully implemented a "View" from my SQL server that gives me visibility into my data.  What I would like to do now is to scan a barcode using my bluetooth barcode scanner, take the barcode value scanned and look up the Item Number (because UPC does not equal item number) then peform a find on my layout using the value for Item Number.

I currently have two tables in my FM application:  Catalog, and Inventory.  Table Catalog has 2 columns (Item Number, and UPC).  Table Inventory has 3 columns (Item Number, Quantity, and ShelfNumber)  Should be clear that the two tables are related on "Item Number".  

My current Layout is for records on table Catalog and it has a Portal showing the related data on table Inventory.  Once I scan the barcode and lookup the Item Number from the Catalog table, I would then like to perform a find on my layout so that the Item Number whose barcode I scanned now displays and shows the inventory.

Any ideas?  This has to have iOS compatible code because it will deployed onto an iPhone/iPod Touch.

Thank you very much in advance.