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Bouncy layout with latest versions of IOS 5 and Go

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Nov 16, 2011
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Bouncy layout with latest versions of IOS 5 and Go


An earlier thread discussed the issue and I thought I'd start a new one.

I created a new file to be a GUI to open my hosted file and a new Form layout. Nothink added to it.

When I enter a field and use the next button the layout begins vibrating when the field boundary is below the top of the keyboard. If I swipe/drag the layout up a bit the vibration stops.

The action is such that it seems to be something in the code where the layout is not moved up enough and bounces up and down because of this. I can see the enlarged field below the top and visible through the keyboard.

This problem doesn't occur if the field is a date field and opens the picker, just plain text and number fields.

The sameple file Sample Inventory.fp7 doesn't seem to exhibit this problem but I am using it localy.

Could it be just hosted files that are experiencing the problem? Or could it be something in the formatting of the fields?

Whatever it is it may not be consistent.

Oh, I am using Comcast with a 4G MiFi and a Wi-Fi connection. I can try other files by moving them to Go if you like.