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Bug in FMGO Save/Send

Question asked by rgordon on Aug 21, 2014
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Bug in FMGO Save/Send


     Whenever you use the Save/Send option FMGO will rename the file so if your file name is "test", FMGO will want to rename it "test Copy 1".  The problem occurs when you try to rename the file back to "test" by deleting the "Copy 1" as soon as you delete the C, the space between the t and C gets hidden so the file name looks like "test" when actually the file when it gets saved it will have a space after the name ("test ").  Not good for a lot of reasons.  You can avoid this issue by hitting the delete key one more time but user should not have to do this.  The actual file name needs to be reflected on the screen.  The space should not be truncated on the screen.  I think the problem occurs because the file name is right justified so on the screen it truncates the space if it is on the very end.