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Calendar Drop Down Issue

Question asked by KateSitz on Aug 4, 2015
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Calendar Drop Down Issue


Hi there, I am wondering if there is another calendar or a way to make it so the date does not automatically change. When the field is opened on my iPad the month, day and year pop up but if I change the month it automatically uses the day value that was already there even though I haven't changed it yet, or clicked out of the field to commit it. The reason this is an issue is because as soon as the date field is committed new record are made, and when the wrong date is entered it commits blank records. The only way I have made the drop down not close is to hold one finger down on the month chosen and scroll through the days with another.  Is there a way to make the calendar stay active, or another drop down that looks more like an actual calendar (the way it shows up on the Mac) so it does not disappear before I am finished entering the date?

I am using Filemaker pro on the Mac and filemaker go on the iPad.