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Can connect from same wireless, but not different

Question asked by BrettWhistler on Sep 18, 2010
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Can connect from same wireless, but not different


I just purchased FM Go and got it to run without a hitch on my LAN.  As long as I'm on the same WiFi I have no problem accessing my FM Pro databases.  When I try from another WiFi hotspot, I'm unable to connect.  

I'm a networking NOOB, so I apologize at the outset for stupidity on my part.

If somebody could walk me through how to change this behavior...I'd be grateful.

I'm using an AirPort Extreme (new), an iMac with 10.6.4, and my firewall is set so FM Pro will allow incoming.

My iMac is also used by my wife and I.  FM is always running, I'm always logged in, my computer is never asleep, a password is required to unlock after screen sleeps, and password required to switch users.  As long as I'm on my LAN, it doesn't matter the status (screen asleep or wife logged in as active user) I can still access my FM databases.  So I'm thinking it's not this...but a firewall or port setting.