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Can Loading Arrow be Turned Off?

Question asked by rp on May 30, 2012
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Can Loading Arrow be Turned Off?


I am surprised that I couldn't find this topic previously posted.

Is there a way to hide the circular loading arrow? Regardless of how quickly an image loads, this damn arrow always has to rear its ugly head. Why did FM design this? The first time that I saw it, it felt jenky and unnecessary. Now, I'm getting feedback from the reps in the field. They all hate it and think that it looks amateurish. And of course, they assume that I designed the arrow, and so I'm the one that they blame.

First the 4-square checkerboard, and now this? Filemaker... where is the design subtlety? At least make it polished and animate it.

Sorry, I've been up much too late the past three nights dealing with lots of broken functionality brought on by switching to FM12, and I'm a bit cranky.