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    Can Not Connect to FM Pro 10 from IPad



      Can Not Connect to FM Pro 10 from IPad




      I have a friend using Filemaker Pro 10 and he is using FileMakerGo to access his database. Their was a power outage in his area and he turned off everything to perpare for it, but when he turned everything back on he could not access the database on 3G he was able to connect through Wifi.


      I checked everything i could thing of, Ports, IP address, Bonjour Service, Firwall all indicating everything is OK.

      Does anyone have any ideals what it could be, I looked on the forum and seen some had problems with the file server.pem not being installed but I checked and the file was in the folder.

      Tried using IPad 1 & 2 and Iphone 4 but could not access.


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          The closest I can come to helping is to dig up an old memory from almost a decade ago when I was using a Mac network.

          When everything is turned off, there is one correct method of re-establishing the network. Just turning everything on at once didn't work.

          I had to start where the signal entered my system, the cable modem or something. I turned that on and waited about two minutes for it to make all of its connections. After it was flashing happily I then turned on the next device in line which could be the WiFi router. It too had a warm up time. After all that I could turn on my Mac and everything would be working fine after a minute or two.

          It takes time for connections to be made and if you rush the computer the connections may fail and your memory chips remember this...

          So, try turning everything off and let it sit for a minute or two and then follow the above steps. No guarantee, of course. Through in all kinds of virus software and firewalls and such and we gotta wait a bit...