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Can't access fm12 over 3g

Question asked by ChuckWilcox on Nov 14, 2014
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Can't access fm12 over 3g


Hi there,

I have no problem accessing my db through the home network.  My problem is over a cellular service.  One of the problems that might be causing the problem is in Network Utility, I click on Ethernet and I see my router ip is is 192.168.xx.x, however, to log onto my router set up page, I use 10.0.x.x.  When applying the port forwarding I have to use this.  I've tried using the address as the server ip but it doesn't like that.  I've tried multiple versions of other posts in the forum but that doesn't help.

I'm using an imac as the host, usually through the airport to my comcast modem, but hardwired it to see if that would help. Nothing.

Anybody have any thoughts?