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    Can't close Database in FMGo 14?



      Can't close Database in FMGo 14?


      I created a sample database, so it was not full of features. I had it to hide the tool bars in startup script.  In 13 you could select the gear icon to show / hide the toolbar.  I can't find a way to show the tool bar so my program is stuck running and I can't close.  I hope I'm missing something.  Any ideas?  

      I'm hoping there is another way but currently to stop it, I uninstall FMGo 14 and then reinstalled.  I had backup but it could have been bad if I didn't.   Maybe it was lazy programing from the start but a warning would have been nice. 


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          Hello Stacy, (we have the same problem)

              We too have found the same issue with one of our databases. On startup one of our databases hides the toolbars and you can never leave the DB to open a different one. On reopening FM Go 14 it automatically loads the most recently opened DB (in this case hosted on our FM server). We can get out of the issue by opening FM Go 14 when the iPad is not connected to the wifi and fails to connect the DB. If it is a local database I see that being even more troublesome.



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            Did you try the 3 finger drag from the top?  It should open the top menubar and allow you tap the folder icon on the left that has the Close File option.

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              I reported an issue because this could lead to a user losing data on a local devices, unless they leave it running all the time.   FMGo 14 needs a close file icon in place of the gear icon that was removed from 13.

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                Thanks Jade,  I was hoping I missed something simple.  I tried to drag with one and two fingers, I guess I need to read some documentation.  The 3 finger drag works.

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                  The Hide/Show Toolbar option is not the problem.  The problem is the Hide/Show Menubar step.  If you Hide the menubar, you also hide the new action folder in the upper left corner.  In my opinion this is a very poorly thought out option in FMGO 14.

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                    My testing does not show that.  I have Hide menu script step set to hide and the toolbar set to show.  Folder shows in top left corner.  In second test, I then set toolbar to hide. (Menu bar was still set to hide) The folder was not there but I used the 3 finger drag and the folder appears.

                    Note : According to FM documentation the hide menu script step is only a web direct script step.
                    In my testing this appears to be correct.

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                      You're quoting a FileMaker Go 13 help document but we are discussing FileMaker 14.  Show/Hide Menubar is designed to work with webdirect and FileMaker Go 14.  In all of my testing if you Hide the menubar in FileMaker Go 14, the action folder is also hidden no matter what you do with the toolbar.  A three finger swipe will bring the menubar back.  If you hide the menubar and also lock it, the three finger swipe will not work.

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                        I will test with a database created in FM14 but no I'm talking about FMGo 14.   I haven't had time to write anything in Filemaker Pro 14.  My test have been done with databases created in FMPA 13 running in FMGo 14.   I moved current working databases to FMGo 14 for testing.   I'm not going to move to FM14 until it is proven and I have had time to learn it.  There are plenty of reason to test FMGo 14 and one being that the memory leak issue with FMGo 13 that is said to be fixed in FMGo 14.  

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                          You are correct that the Menu Bar has been added to FMGo 14 and if you lock it there is a issue.   I don't think this is bad, it just a matter of knowing about the issue, so that a button can be created to close the file.



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                            Here is a little more clarification on this issue.

                            The menubar is the strip that includes the Action Folder, file name, and search icon.  The status bar includes the WIFI, time and battery.  The toolbar appears at the bottom on the screen.  The Edit Record Toolbar is the toolbar above the keyboard.  The Action Folder replaces the setting gear and the double window squares from FMGO 13.

                            Hiding the menubar removes the Action Folder which means you lose all of the features of the Action Folder.  As Stacy stated you will need a button to close the file because the close file option is part of the Action Folder.  If you lock the menubar, the three finger swipe will not bring back the menubar.  The Show/Hide menubar is a new feature for FileMaker Go 14.

                            Hiding the Toolbar will only hide the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. It will not hide the toolbar on the keyboard (this is a behavior change from FMGO 13).  If you want the keyboard toolbar hidden you will need to check the Include Edit Record Toolbar option.  Hiding the Toolbar will not remove the Action Folder.

                            The option to hide the Status bar has been removed from FileMaker Go 14.

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                              Thanks for the information, I have not had time to test FMP 14 with FMGo 14.  Hopefully in the next few days I will get a chances to test some of these new features out and now I will be ahead of the game.