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    Can't email a .fmp file



      Can't email a .fmp file


           We have a number of field techs receiving small FileMaker databases (1 record per database) on iPads through email. They fill out the fields in one of these files and then initiate a script which calls the Mail program to initiate emailing the file back. Only one of the techs is having a problem when trying to email. We've tried saving the database on his iPad, closing and then reopening the saved file etc.

           He sees an error message/dialog:    The file "?" could not be opened. (Not Found.)

           Does anyone know what might be causing this? FM Go 12




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               Vicky Nutall:

               Thank you for your post.

               If this is only happening to one customer, and everything being equal, it may be a memory issue.

               Check with the tech to see:

               1) What version of iOS is the tech using on his/her iPad?

               2) When was the last time the customer restarted FileMaker Go? 

               3) When was the last time the customer restarted the iPad?

               Make sure the customer reboots the iPad and try again.  Continue to keep me updated.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 I am having him update his iOS when he gets within wifi range and quit/restart FileMaker Go. He didn't know how to restart an app so I told him how to do that. He's going to let me know when he's done, so if any of this works I'll post back.



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                   Restarting the iPad is a better thing to do than restarting the App so if you only do one thing do the restart. 

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                     Yes, but restarting the app takes much less time. Personally, I'd try restarting the app first and then restart the device if the app restart--which is known to resolve a number of fm go issues doesn't fix the problem.

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                       It is definitely quicker to close the app.  The reason I like restarting the iPad is that a restart reset all of the memory on the iPad.  I can't prove this with evidence but I think the problem will occur less frequently with a restart of the iPad vs a quitting of the FMGO app.  To me the best preventive maintenance is to just restart the iPad on a weekly basis.

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                         To each their own. wink

                         For me the fact that the app restart fixes my FM GO issues 99% of the time and only takes a second or two to do--I've gotten in the habit of "double click Home, flick GO screen up" each time I finish using FM GO--makes it my first choice over waiting several minutes for my phone to reboot.

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                           When FileMaker go 13 works as expected it is a great program. I'm starting to do some really neat things using popover overs  and  hide object. The problem is it doesn't always work as expected.  You shouldn't have to restart the app or iPad just to be able to create a file!

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                             I agree 100%!

                             And I know from discussions with TSGal that FileMaker Inc. is also not happy with this state of affairs but the current ongoing issues with FM GO have proven very difficult to reproduce and thus difficult to analyze in order to provide the needed fixes.