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    Can't email db link



      Can't email db link


      I am brand new to FM and am trying to test sending a FM db to an IPad from my windows desktop. I am sending it to my Outlook email but when it gets the windows security screen and asks for my password it's as if it doesn't recognize the password.

      The IPad is set up on US Cellular and my computer is I believe is my local network, Centurylink. Could  that be what the problem is?.


      Thanks so much for your help!

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          FM would not have anything to do with you not being able to log in to your email.  You would have to check with your email provider on their login procedures for Outlook. 

          There are about three ways to transfer your database to your device

          1.  You can email the database.  You would send it as an attachment.
          2.  iTunes
          3.  File Service such as Dropbox.

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              Thank you ever so much! Like I said, this is all brand new for me. I am working from home helping out a friend who has a small business. I was able to use my "yahoo" account no problem to send but to link is a little more complicated, yes? I think that is what my goal is ultimately and that is where I was having issues; trying to figure out how the heck to configure the link. I think I need to get help in translating the info they are looking for; would you have some insight there? Where would I look to start to begin with and must it be Outlook to successfully complete the link? Thanks again for your help,


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              No you can not link with email.   You can create a email on your computer with the database as an attachment.  Open your email on your device then download the attachment to your device.  The easies way to transfer a file is with dropbox or iTunes.   Dropbox has a free 5Gb account.   You will need to install dropbox on your ipad.   You will select the database in dropbox and then send it to Filemaker Go.