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    can't enter text data in Go



      can't enter text data in Go


      I upgraded to FMP13 specifically so I can deploy dbs on my iPad (Go v13), but I am having a problem that doesn't allow me to enter text data at all, ever. I'm getting the "This record being modified in another window" message and then it repeats the message in a loop until I click on the background. The date (via auto data entry), time (a script entering current time) and a job number (manual) are entering fine without error, but all text fields are generating the error message and not allowing me to fill the field. I've even added a Commit button since an earlier post mentioned it as a solution to this problem.

       This is the simplest possible db, with one layout, and just a few field-entry scripts, none of them complex. I am using this one file as my test but it is failing continually, even at this level. Even just using manual entry, I can't populate the records. I've tried rebooting the iPad, rebooting Go, deleting the file and re-importing it, via both Dropbox and email. The db works fine on my Mac (OSX 10.9.5, FBPro 13). 

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          Welcome to the club. This is a known issue that FM techs have had great trouble reproducing. sad

          Double click the home button and "flick" the FM GO App up to make the App quit and close all files. Then re-open FM GO and your file and try again.

          You might be interested in the script that I put in this file and set it to run "OnFirstWindowOpen". It detects this error state--which in my experience is only initiated while a file is opening, and tells you to restart the app in order to fix the problem:


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            Thanks. I didn't realize that Go wasn't shutting down when the iPad was closed. And, that did work to get rid of the problem. Thanks for the app  - I'll add that as well. yes


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              I've recreated this many hundreds of times and I finally figured out what was happening... at least in my case. I went from a iPhone 5c to a iPhone 6. I kept getting that "being modified in another window" message and I was trying to figure out what was really different between the 5c and 6.

              The iPhone 6 "Auto-Lock" feature defaults to 1 minute. Somehow the iPhone was telling FM Go that it was locked so you would get the error. My db would not let you use the camera, type any text into any field, select a date with a pop-up calendar or use a signature field. I changed the "Auto-Lock" (Located under Settings – General) to 5 minutes and the problem has gone away.

              I need to do further testing, but at least I can use FM Go now and I have an area to keep my eye on. i hope this info helps.

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                Martin Dow:

                Thank you for your post and information.  I have passed your observations to Development and Testing hoping this will help with finding the cause.

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