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can't enter text data in Go

Question asked by NiceThreads on Dec 30, 2014
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can't enter text data in Go


I upgraded to FMP13 specifically so I can deploy dbs on my iPad (Go v13), but I am having a problem that doesn't allow me to enter text data at all, ever. I'm getting the "This record being modified in another window" message and then it repeats the message in a loop until I click on the background. The date (via auto data entry), time (a script entering current time) and a job number (manual) are entering fine without error, but all text fields are generating the error message and not allowing me to fill the field. I've even added a Commit button since an earlier post mentioned it as a solution to this problem.

 This is the simplest possible db, with one layout, and just a few field-entry scripts, none of them complex. I am using this one file as my test but it is failing continually, even at this level. Even just using manual entry, I can't populate the records. I've tried rebooting the iPad, rebooting Go, deleting the file and re-importing it, via both Dropbox and email. The db works fine on my Mac (OSX 10.9.5, FBPro 13).