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Can't get "Insert from Device" to do anything

Question asked by VictorLimary on Dec 29, 2013
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Can't get "Insert from Device" to do anything


     I've recently upgraded to FM 13.  To test out the new "Insert from Device" function, I created a button that calls it, and specifies the target as a container object.

     However, whenever I press the button, nothing happens.  I've tried doing this in two different databases.  Am I missing some permission somewhere?  I've tried changing the insertion type from Barcode to Image to Voice Recording to Signature, and nothing happens.

     I am using:

     Windows Filemaker  Pro 13.0v1 (also tried hosting it on FM Server 13 as well)

     iOS Filemaker Go 13.0.2

     iPhone 5s with iOS 7.0.4


     I checked the Privacy settings on the phone, but it doesn't show FileMaker as having even requested access to photos or location services.