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Can't get go to work

Question asked by knut-klimmek on Aug 5, 2010
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Can't get go to work


Nothing happening when I try to connect to local network hosts over wireless network

Tried following the advice given in some of the previous posts but can't figure out why it won't work.

Running Pro 8.5 on iMac intel 2.33 GHz, OSX 10.4.11. I think I have the router set up to forward through port 5003 to my Mac, but router set not exactly user friendly either.

Any chance of a step by step guide of the firewall set up on the Mac, and if I need to specify a different IP address for access over LAN and WAN.

I'm no technophobe but why is this is setup so complicated?

If I can't get it to work can I get my money back?