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    Can't open file on GO after installing PRO 12



      Can't open file on GO after installing PRO 12


      I installed FileMaker Pro 12 (was previously using 11)

      I downloaded FileMaker Go 12 for iPad (but it appears to be an informational slideshow, rather than a compatible program to PRO)

      When I try to open my inventory file on GO (with the old 11 icon), the message - "The file could not be opened.  Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host" appears.

      I have ensured that file sharing is ON.  

      What am I doing wrong?

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          Filemaker Go 12 will only open databases that were created and running on Filemaker Pro 12.

          To use the new verion of Go, you will have to upgrade your database and software from version 11 to 12.

          We are currently looking into upgrading to version 12 since the iOS client is free.  It will be far cheaper for us to upgrade to 12 than purchase a bunch of new Filemaker Go 11 for iPad licenses (our initial rollout is 30 units).  We will basically lose our Go 11 licenses, but we currently only have around 5 or 6 of those.

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            I have sorted out my issue.  

            As I mentioned above, I had already upgraded to FMP 12 and also installed FMG 12... I was just not having luck openning my database with FMG 12.  

            I had to shut down FMG 11 completely before FMG 12 would open properly and allow me to input my Host address and retrieve the database from FMP 12.

            My only disappointment is that I just bought FMG 11 six weeks ago.  Wish I had been able to save the $39.99!

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               Sorry, I guess I misread what you were trying to do.

              I know how you feel about FMG 11.  Our company has around 6 copies of FMG 11 on iPads and we had bought FMP 11 last fall also.  Now it's looking like we may be upgrading to FMP Server 12 so that we can publish to the Web in addition to our iPads without having to purchase additional seats for the office (or paying $40 per seat for FMG 11).


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                If people keep commenting on how much money they are saving, will the bean counters demand that Filemaker return to charging for the product? Shhh...

                Interesting that software has such a unique place in our minds that we person will reference spendng $40 6 weeks ago ($1 a day), and I am refering to the hundreds of similar posts, but say nothing about how many hamburgers we have had for lunch or gasoline we purchased during the same time. Especially among non-business users who don't consider software as a necessary business expends and that $40 enabled making a few thousand dollars or eliminated the need to hire and pay a few extra people using manual typewriters and pencils...  :)

                Of course I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on software, including every version of Filemaker since the first and each upgrade and that alone is probably $10,000 or more. So a free Go is great...

                I don't think it's gonna stay free forever. An iPad can replace a $300 Filemaker Pro client...

                Hmm, wonder if there will be a hamburger upgrade or a gasoline upgrade?

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                  I appreciate your point of view Jack, but I don't ask my employer to pay for my hamburgers or gasoline.  I have a job where I am trying to optimize the efficiency and productivity of an incredibly unique work environment.  It is neither efficient nor productive to have bought something I cannot use, even if its replacement is free.  Frankly, GO should have been free in the first place since it was inoperable without the $300 PRO program.

                  My business manager is not upset that I spent $40 six weeks ago on a now obsolete program, I am.  If my job were to buy hamburgers and gasoline, I would try to do that as economically as possible too.

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                    My point is that we were not upset at spending the cost of Go because we could use it. Now that it is free we look at the money we spent and...

                    Why would you spend your personal money to enhance your employer's profit line? Shouldn't your employer pay?

                    The program isn't obsolete, it can still be used for years and years plus there will be files out there that are 11 that you can use without needing 12 to convert them.

                    Some Filemaker 11 files will be locked down and have a script preventing them from being open by any version other than 11...oops, not Go? And if someone sends to your IOS device a Filemaker 11 file, you can't convert it in Go and will need Go 11. The update from Go 1.x to Go 11.x is free.

                    Someone who only has Go 12 will be out of luck if someone emails them an 'important look at it now' file in 11. Heck, they might have to buy 11 to look at it since they are 1000 miles away from their computer.

                    My point still is that we aren't upset about having to spend money for a new hamburger or gasoline but we somehow find a way to get upset over software expenses even though we used the software more than the hamburger. It's a personal choice. Software persists on our drive but hamburgers don't...

                    Back to playing with the free copy of Angry Birds...with ads... !