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    Cannot insert into container fields



      Cannot insert into container fields



      For over a year, I have been able to access my FileMaker Pro Advanced ver 12 on my Macbook, from my Filemaker Go on my iPad and iPhone via wireless. In the File \ Sharing \ Filemaker Network I have the correct settings. I can still access the desktop Filemaker from the Filemaker Go with no problem.

      But now I cannot go to any container field in the Filemaker Go and tap on it and have a dialog pop up asking me if I want to insert photo, video, etc. When I tap on any container field nothing happens. I never had any custom menus installed or any other setting. In the desktop Filemaker I always have the Interactive setting for the container fields. 

      In the desktop version when I right click in a container field I do see options to insert a Picture, Sound, etc.

      But now I cannot put anything into any container field in the Filemaker Go when I am connected to the Filemaker on the desktop anymore. I have the very latest version of the OS on the Macbook and the latest version of File Maker Go on the iPad / iPhone.

      Please help .... 







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          Solved! To my surprise, when I rec'd the Filemaker Go 13  it did not auto update the Filemaker Go 12 to the version 13, like other iPad software does. So there were two versions of the Filemaker Go. When I used the version 13 there is no problem with putting media into container fields at all. Then I deleted the Filemaker Go version 12.