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Cannot insert into container fields

Question asked by JohnFish on Dec 3, 2014
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Cannot insert into container fields



For over a year, I have been able to access my FileMaker Pro Advanced ver 12 on my Macbook, from my Filemaker Go on my iPad and iPhone via wireless. In the File \ Sharing \ Filemaker Network I have the correct settings. I can still access the desktop Filemaker from the Filemaker Go with no problem.

But now I cannot go to any container field in the Filemaker Go and tap on it and have a dialog pop up asking me if I want to insert photo, video, etc. When I tap on any container field nothing happens. I never had any custom menus installed or any other setting. In the desktop Filemaker I always have the Interactive setting for the container fields. 

In the desktop version when I right click in a container field I do see options to insert a Picture, Sound, etc.

But now I cannot put anything into any container field in the Filemaker Go when I am connected to the Filemaker on the desktop anymore. I have the very latest version of the OS on the Macbook and the latest version of File Maker Go on the iPad / iPhone.

Please help ....