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Cannot Select Values in Pop-up Menu

Question asked by higleyjp on Aug 29, 2011


Cannot Select Values in Pop-up Menu


Good Morning,

I'm having some trouble with a solution I'm trying to deploy to the iPad.  Everything works fine on FM Pro on the desktop, but when I transfer to my iPad suddenly several of my pop-up menus stop functioning.  There are a couple of different issues occuring:

1. Values populate appropriately, however, the app doesn't allow any values from the menu to be selected.  I have not found any workaround for this issue.

2. Some pop-up menus are missing many (to all) of the options.  The menu is sized appropriately to show the correct number of choices, but a block of choices at the bottom of the menu are blank.  Sometimes it affects the entire menu so there are no choices shown; sometimes it only affects about half of the options.  The blank rows can be highlighted when touched on the iPad, but they cannot be selected.  If I select the top option in the pop-up and then go back then all of the choices are shown.

The database I'm working on is going to be used on iPads to evaluate equipment in the field.  This particular layout is a matrix consisting of a portal with a record for each piece of equipment, and 12 categories they can be scored on.  Each piece of equipment has a maximum value defined within each valid category, and those values are being used to populate the value list.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.