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    Cant email a pdf from ipad



      Cant email a pdf from ipad


      I am using fmpro 11 and fmgo on the ipad. up to recently i have not had any issues with the programming i have been doing.

      I went to email a pdf from the ipad the other day (which i have been doing every day for months) but on the print dialog screen the pdf section is greyd out and i dont know why. im a full access account holder. its not just one page that wont pdf its the whole database.

      does anybody have any clues what i may have done to stop this working.


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          Try opening the database with the Full Access account and password. Sounds as if it were opened as Guest.

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            thanks for your response.


            i am logged in with full access not as guest. it seems to have somthing to do with the menu set. as soon as i try a custom menu then it stops working even with exactly the same menus as (standard filemaker menus). i dont want the standard menu set as i need to hide the scripts in the menu. any ideas.

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              I don't have an iPad so I am guessing here. It sounds as if you are trying to hide menu items on the iPad by using a user defined menu set using Filemaker Advanced. Do these Filemaker menus show up on the iPad?

              If you are experiencing problems on the iPad because your script selects a menu set for Filemaker Pro that causes problems when this script runs on the iPad (which doesn't show the menus) then do this:

              If(get(systemplatform) = 3) //the ios device

              Install Menu Set ["Standard Flemaker Menus"]   <--the default when you use this


              Install Menu Set [ yourcustommenu ]

              end if


              There are several scripts that will cause a script to abort on IOS without warning such as the one that Filemaker has been using to show a preview if you create a Summary Report using 10 or 11. I think this is what you are experiencing.

              I am going to test this on my Touch.