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Capture Signature on iPad

Question asked by HugoLidia on May 18, 2014
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Capture Signature on iPad


      Testing FileMaker13 - wishing to collect customer signatures once product has been purchased.

     Keeping this simple, no problem to create table and relevant fields for all client details, but need guidance on SIGNATURE field.

     From reading, this needs to be a container field and use the "Insert from device [<table:: field>,type :signature ] script

     But I understand this will naturally only work on an iPad, so how can I easily test it to see if it works.  DO I have to save the work, copy the database & layout onto the iPad and test.  If it doesn't work, I can't then analyse why not, as you can't develop on the iPad - or can you.

     I'd be grateful if somebody can steer me on the right path for this.

     Does it make any difference that development is being done on WIndows 8.1 with test FM13 yet the form is to run on iPad