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CB bug...

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Mar 1, 2012
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CB bug...


Found a real bug!

This works in Filemaker Pro but not in Filemaker Go. Can not work around it other than a complete redesign.

The technique is to use a repeating field to hold checkboxes as this saves a lot of field creation, etc.

My field is defined as 18 repeating values.

I have assigned a trigger to the field On Modify Commit record.

Works just fine and the idea is to get rid of that darn antsy border Filemaker insists on putting around enterable fields when one is entered. I won't discuss how annoying that is. Note that Filemaker does not do this with any of the layout and scripting dialogs...

So, here's the bug.

I have placed the field on the layout using reps 4 to 5 and on my Touch the field does not commit but pops up the Paste/etc. dialog.

Reps 1-3, just fine. Reps 1-18 just fine. Taping the cb produces an x and an instance commit. Not with 4-5. Works just fine in Filemaker Pro but not Go.

I did not test any other combination say 8 to 12.