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Charting question

Question asked by wedge-eagle on Apr 4, 2013
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Charting question


     This should be simple (probably is) - I know one way to do this but it seems overly complex and/or looks in-efficient. One of you very smart people will have a better idea than me - I am sure.

     Problem - A Table with a Field (from a pick list) for example - 6 options.  Field="Source of client reference"  Options(pick list) - Internet,radio,word of mouth,referal,pamplet,Paper add.  

     Each record will have one of these answers.  Now to chart - "pie or bar not the issue" to get the data in a format that the chart can use -

     I need the  Feild title - matching the options and then a Count against each.


     Internet               50

     Radio                 23

     Word of Mouth 15


     Graph from this point is easy ... 

     but to get to here -

     Method I know - calc field (binary) for each option that sets "1" when match for option and the a summary field to tally the "1"'s  - So 12 new Fields plus the titles (in a variable or global) - or can i use the list ?

     Other Option (perhaps ?) Relate to new table with 6 records matching options then some sort of Count field (not sure how)

     All chart exampls I have found so far seem to use data already in neat numeric pre-formated data arrays pretty much ready to use.  The above seems like a lot of extra work to get to that point in my simple case.  Just seem to be missing a countif type function.  

     What the best (and easy to understand) method to use 

     Thanks in advance