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      I have a layout titled: "numgroup", there is a number field titled: "nums", there are 120 records which is a list of numbers ranging from 00 to 65. 

      There is a second number field titled: "numviewed", this a number field representing how many times the particular number, associated with the "nums" field, has been viewed.  

      I want to select all appropriate numbers, lets say, based on 0 and 1 views via a "checkbox" set.

      I am looking to have those "checkbox" numbers nested together on a new layout.

      I am correct - that is what a "checkbox" set can do? (Basically activate particular numbers to be placed on another layout.) 

      I know a summary could do this but I am looking for a "manual" way of handling the problem. 

      Am I on the right track? 

      I know there has to be a table "relationship" from one table to another, my hang-up is the "value list" to activate the "yes/no" of the checkbox list. 

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          Thank you for your post.

          Since you won't have 66 instances (00 through 65) of "numviewed" in the current table, this number will appear in a second table with some key field linking the two tables together.

          How do you know when the record is being viewed?  Would this be done with an OnLayoutLoad?  If so, then the script would increment that value in the second table.

          In another layout, you could have a portal into the second table, and then filter the portal by the checkbox values less than 2.

          Let me know what you have tried, what results you are expecting, and what are your actual results.  This will help narrow the focus.

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