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    Clear radio button selection



      Clear radio button selection




      I'm using Filemaker Go to manage a database.  One of my fields has a single radio button in it to tell me if I installed a specific program on a given machine.  So each record has a machine's info and the programs it needs.  Tried a checkbox but it wouldn't let me sort which were done and which were not, radio buttons will.


      Anyway....is there a way in FMG to delete a radio button selection?  ie to clear the radio button for a given record?  I know I've done it no problem in pro bu just highlighting the field and hitting delete, but I'm not seeing a similar option in Go.


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          Checkbox formatted fields with a single value check box list should sort just as well as your radio button format. With a single value defined in the value list, clicking the field when empty selects the single value (yes). Clicking it again clears the field (no). It's my understanding that many developers are avoiding both radio button and check box formats for their iOS interfaces--choosing instead to combine a button, a script and conditional formatting so that they can provide a much larger "target" for the user's fingertip than you can get from your radio button and/or check box format.