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Clearing a users Cached file

Question asked by jungovox on Oct 21, 2010
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Clearing a users Cached file


Hi TSGal (and other fmgo implementation folk) ...

(RE: We have an order taking system in fm go on the ipad)

quick question - We are hosting fmgo files on on fmserver 11 and updating the user files at night - ...

Problem is controlling the cached file on the users ipad -

Thanks the tip related to extended privs. 'fmrestorelogin' the user can reopen a hosted file on their ipad and they are right where they left it - ... This works very well now. thank YOU

Problem is We majorly update this file every night - and the next day I don't WANT the user to pull up yesterdays file - I want to find a way to force them to close and reopen the file -

Filemaker go specific script steps are not around yet - so any suggestions you have are appreciated.

I'm THINKING - I could tie a script (to many of the scripts that they are apt to hit) that

checks a preset global field for 'file date' and if that doesn't = get(currentdate) I could 'close their file' - Do you think that is a good approach ?


thanks in advance.