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    Click-and-drag capability



      Click-and-drag capability


      I couldn't FM Go's documentation and couldn't find the answer to my question here, so I apologize if this is a dupe thread.

      I have a runtime where users can click-and-drag text from/to the fields in the runtime with fields in a web browser, but is that "do-able" in Go? I don't have an iPad to play with so I don't know if it supports having two apps' windows open at the time and if so, the ability to drag text from FM Go to a form field in a web browser.

      TIA for your reply!

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          The database is not compiled so the only part that is place in FMGo is the databases with a different extensions, so it is not a runtime.  FMGo is the runtime for an ios device.  The databases can be open with FMPro if the user copies it to their computer.  You will have to enable security to prevent / restrict access.

          On to your question.  Drag and drop should would in FMGO just as it does on the desktop, as long as the script steps used are compatible with FMGo.  I don't believe it would work from different windows on Go.  You can have more than one window open but you have to swipe to go to the other window which will most likely interfere with the drag and drop.    Most of the time layouts are designed especially for the device it is going to be ran on, so I would suggest have the field and web browse on the same window.    http://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-go/for-ipad/help/1/open_multiple_windows.html

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            Thanks, Stacy. So, you're thinking that maybe I should incorporate FMP's web viewer into the layout? I suppose I could give that a try. That, and maybe use copy-and-paste instead of click-and-drag since, obviously, there's no mouse.

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              If you choose to use copy/paste, you can make life easier for your user by adding buttons that do the copy and paste actions. I have an app where I routinely copy text from a different, non FileMaker App and paste it into my FM GO layout. Adding a "paste" button saves me having to a) tap and hold on the target field and b) select the paste option. You probably can't do that for the "paste" part of this given the need to select a target inside the web viewer, but you can use that option for the "copy" step.

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                Thanks, Phil. I just borrowed a neighbor's iPad to try the web viewer with your suggestion and although it works, from a practical standpoint I'll bag the notion of using our solution on a tablet. Aside from the fact that the solution needs a lot of "real estate", tablets are media consumption devices, not media production devices. In our solution, much of it is text editing and copying data to/from a web browser, two things tablets don't do well (where, even with a keyboard, it's cumbersome). So, we're going to stay with runtimes...though, I have to say, I'm royally ticked that FileMaker is deprecating them--I think that's a HUGE mistake, but that's not the subject of this thread so I'll get off my soapbox.

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                  Here is the statement made Jul 8 2015 by FMI on the Filemaker Community Websites about Runtimes label Filemaker Runtimes.   I copied and pasted from that forum.


                  "As many of you know, FileMaker, Inc. recently announced deprecation of the runtime creation feature in FileMaker Pro Advanced. While this feature has been deprecated, it has not been removed from the product. At this time no specific timeframe has been scheduled for removal.


                  Runtimes are still supported in the FileMaker 14 Platform and we can assure you that they will also remain in the next version of the platform.


                  As the FileMaker Platform evolves, we continue to invest in new technologies. Less efficient features and technologies currently in the product may be deprecated in favor of these newer ones. Accordingly, we continue to explore alternatives for runtimes in future versions of the product."


                  Steve Romig

                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                    There is an even more recent statement by ModMan found here: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/529e8cbee4

                    This announcement is at the top level of this forum.

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                      I didn't see that statement posted by Modman, but It looks like they were both posted July 8 2015. 

                      I didn't provide a link to the one on the community forum because several users have posted comments.

                      It's great that FMI is listening to the users.