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Code 39 Font?

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Sep 8, 2012
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Code 39 Font?


     I am working on a barcode inventory solution and would like to show a code 39 font in a Filemaker Go field as I can in Filemaker Pro. This will eliminate the need to use a graphic for the barcode and make it easy to print the barcodes.

     There are two parts to the question centering on printing the barcode from IOS:

     Will one of the installed fonts in IOS 5 display a code 39 barcode as a font.

     Will Go properly print a code 39 font used in Pro and I can think of many reasons why it won't.

     OK, 3 questions. Do barcode printers have build in fonts we can use?

     Disclaimer: I know I can use CNS Barcode to create a graphic for each item's barcode but hope to avoid that.