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Colour picker solution for iOS devices?

Question asked by muzz on Jun 3, 2014
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Colour picker solution for iOS devices?


     Is there a simple way of allowing a user to assign a choice of colours to a container/object on an iOS device?
     I’m trying to make a solution for FM Go that requires the ability to pick a colour combination for a sports team.  I have a container for the team colours with 3 repetitions, and a colour swatch container with 24 colours (repetitions) from which to choose the combination. This works perfectly by drag and drop from the colour swatch container to the team colour container in the desktop (FM Pro), however I can’t find a similar solution for FM Go.
     Potentially there may be the need to add another custom colour at some stage. From other posts in this forum I have managed to get a web viewer to show many varying colours using RGB values that can be manipulated, but can’t find a way to get the colours from there into a container field.
     I guess I could have 6 web viewers (3 colour combinations each for 2 teams), or script each colour repetition in the swatch to populate the various team colour containers but was hoping there might be something simpler.
     Many thanks for having a look at this.