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Connecting to database using Filemaker Go

Question asked by easyway on Apr 9, 2014
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Connecting to database using Filemaker Go


     I've read all the posts on Filemaker Go, in particular the one by Troy Meyers. I can happily connect to his host and see all the Tables listed but I still cannot connect to my own database.

     I have set up port forwarding using 5003 for both in my Virgin Super Hub 2 Router

     I have tried enabling remote access in router but it will not allow me to specify port 5003 which it says is invalid and suggests I use 8080 or 8443. None of these make any difference.

     I have set firewall to allow access to and from Filemaker Pro

     I have tried connecting using the ISP's wan IP address both with the filepath and without. Virgin support tells me that the IP address of router will not change though my understanding is it will change periodically. If I want a static IP address they will give me one for £49 per month!

     I can connect using my LAN but not through 3G.

     Any help would be greatly appreciated.