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    Connecting to database using Filemaker Go



      Connecting to database using Filemaker Go


           I've read all the posts on Filemaker Go, in particular the one by Troy Meyers. I can happily connect to his host and see all the Tables listed but I still cannot connect to my own database.

           I have set up port forwarding using 5003 for both in my Virgin Super Hub 2 Router

           I have tried enabling remote access in router but it will not allow me to specify port 5003 which it says is invalid and suggests I use 8080 or 8443. None of these make any difference.

           I have set firewall to allow access to and from Filemaker Pro

           I have tried connecting using the ISP's wan IP address both with the filepath and without. Virgin support tells me that the IP address of router will not change though my understanding is it will change periodically. If I want a static IP address they will give me one for £49 per month!

           I can connect using my LAN but not through 3G.

           Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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               If you have your port forwarded correctly ie...  Here is a youtube video showing how to forward ports on your router.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds2Ew1wSv8I


               1. make sure your computer ip address does not change..

               2. go to http://www.whatismyipaddress.com - this will be your outside ip address

               3. check your windows / mac firewall and make sure you allow the correct ports into your computer.

               4. check your database and make sure you are allowing it to be shared. File - Sharing -- share with FileMaker Clients..

               5. check to see if you can connect locally 1st... If you are connected to your wifi you should be able to just browse to your computer and open the database.. if this is working..  then try the outside ip address..



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                 Thanks for taking the time to reply.

                 Yes, I've tried all of the above

                 I know the external IP address hasn't changed, I've configured the router to open port 5003 as specified by Filemaker Go

                 I've verified network sharing is on for all users.

                 I can access databases belonging to someone I don't even know but cannot get my Filemaker databases visible using my Filemaker Go app on iPhone.

                 Don't know where to go now?

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                   Could it be that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is blocking access of this type? I've seen one or two posts where others discovered that this was the case. (The ISP wanted to charge extra to allow access of this type...)

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                     I've checked with ISP and they assure me that they do not block this kind of access. Any further ideas?

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                  Markus Schneider

                       You can not define port 5003 on Your router for forwarding? Then, there is the problem. Maybe there is an 'expert mode' for configuring - but I don't know this specific router

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                         You may want to look here for a discussion on this. The discussion revolves around static IP masking or forwarding, but it seems you need to run the SH in modem only mode with a separate router to do this and this is not dependent on having a static IP. It is a firmware issue with the SH not having NAT tables. You may be able to do this with masking if it is in the menu. You basically send all inbound TCP traffic on 5003 to the 5003 port of the IP address of the server.

                         There is a site offering configuration  help instructions here that claim you can set this up in advanced settings.

                         So not sure what the truth is but hope this helps.

                         They seem to ship a Business SH that is reported to have a different Firmware with the options.