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    Connection Problem



      Connection Problem


           I created a database in my trial FM12 and could see it on my iPad with FM Go.  Everything was going fine.  I was trying to put the file on my device and must have turned off something.  Now when I try to connect to the laptop, I enter the file name after the IP Address and get an error  "The file "....fmp12" could not be opened.  Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host."  Have tried everything I know, but still cannot sync the device.

           I would appreciate some assistance with this first.

           Second, is it possible to (after succesfully connecting again) to save the file to the device so that I can work with it "offline" and then sync the information when I return to the office?

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               Hi Bill,

               The connection error can be caused by several things:

               1. Is your database file open in the trial FMP 12 on your PC or Mac?

               2. Did you turn on FIleMaker Network (File>Sharing>FileMaker Network…) and set the network access to "All Users" ?

               3. Do you have a static IP Address assigned by your isp?  If not the IP Address may have changed especially if you have restarted.

               4. DId you change the port forwarding setting on your router from 5003?  (This should be OK if you had it working before.)


          If you are the only user, you can copy your database to the FM Go app on your iPad using iTunes; use it locally on the iPad; then copy it back to your computer later replacing the original file.  Before making these copies, quit the FMP 12 on your PC or Mac so that there is no conflict with open files.