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    connection time using filmaker on ipad



      connection time using filmaker on ipad


      Hi group

      I have an ipad running filmaker and this connects wirlesy to a filmaker databse running on a pc. every time i power the ipad on there is a delay of a few seconds oe so whilst waiting for the ipad to connect to the database file, this can cause issues as if buttons are pushed or datas is entered in the ipad during the connection it doesn't always respond.

      can this be speeded up or eliminated in any way?

      regards Fluffy

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          Thank you for your post.

          Are these text fields you are entering data?  Are there a lot of graphic objects in the layout?  Is there a background image?  There are several factors that can cause a slight delay time when entering data.  Any other information you can provide may be helpful.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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             Hi Tsgal

            Thank you for your reply.

            It is a basic form with a little colour in the boxes, no graphics,  several fields, a portal, several buttons. I don't think the form is causing any issues.

            The delay is the initial connection from the ipad to the shared database, basically the ipad is blank screen / sleeping - I hit the big button - swipe the access slider - my form is on the screen as i left it - i press a button or press a field to enter data the key boad pops up on the screen:

            then a window pops up in filemaker on the Ipad "communication with the host was interupted. do you want to try to reconnect?"
            I click yes and after a few seconds i can enter data.  the whole process takes a while and it would be good if it could be speeded up in any way.


            regards Fluffy

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              Sounds like you are re-opening Filemaker Go after using it and then exiting Filemaker or letting it go to sleep. This is how it reconnects...

              If, however, you are discussing the intitial opening of the file in Go, be patient. Connections do take a bit of time. Create a startup screen and have your startup script go to that screen and then PAUSE for a second or 2 and then go to your working layout.

              Secret Nobody Mentions: hosted files on another computer or on a remote site are slower than the file on your desktop or laptop.

              When I was working remotely over broadband, I used to go nuts with the delays.

              Secret Few People Realize: broadband (2G, 3G, 4G) was not created for working remotely on databases. Your connection can pause and timeout especially when your next door neighbosr sharing your tower decides to download  a 5 Gigabyte movie. The more traffice, the slower broadband is and sometimes painfully slow.