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Connection to Filemaker network

Question asked by dumiya on Jul 24, 2011
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Connection to Filemaker network


Quoting from  June 2 <OK. I've got it. I noticed in FileMaker Network Settings that a TCP/IP Address was given. When I put that in it showed the file which opened OK.>

From that previous thread I entered the Filemaker sharing network address given <198.. > number into the set up for the favourite host but there were no files available.

I also entered the full number as given beginning with computer ID <10..... plus the 198..>  Still no files available.

I made sure the ipad account name in Filemaker was the same as the iPad  Stiil no files available.

I am running Lion  FM11.3 and have Filemaker Go 1.2.2 on the iPad2  The filemaker sharing is on and accessible from my laptop. I have specified users and also tried "all Users"

I know I am missing something but have no idea what. I feel that the address is incorrect.  I would be grateful for some help.