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Container field not accessible - hosted file - iPad

Question asked by GuyStevens on Oct 8, 2013
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Container field not accessible - hosted file - iPad


     I have a pretty simple setup. A Filemaker 12 file shared on a computer using Filemaker Pro 12.

     An iPad on that same network opens that file remotely.

     There is a products table with a "picture" container field.

     But the iPad can't do anything with that container field, can't take a picture in it, can't add an image from the library.

     When we copy the file onto the iPad it does work.

     So there has to be something with the fact that the file is opened remotely that doesn't allow me to modify the container field.

     I've been looking on the internet and this forum but can't find any explanation for this problem.

     Anybody ever run into this?