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Container file locations in FM Go

Question asked by SuzieMuchnick on Jun 24, 2012
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Container file locations in FM Go


Wondering how to transition an FM database to  make it useful in FMGo on the iPhone. Specifically, what to do about photos that are stored separatly from the database file.

There are at least two messy issues and a not-so-messy issue:

1. The database references thousands of photos in an external 'data' folder. This is as far as I know standard design for FM Pro. But what about accessing the DB from Go? How does the DB on Go know where to find the images? Are they copied to the device? If so how does Go know where to find them? 

2. The reason that the photos are in an external file is size. There are thousands of images totaling about 4G. Should I make a lower-res version of the images for use by Go?

3. Finally a related Go question. In FM Pro, clicking on a small version of an image in List View brings up the high-res version of the image via normal scrpt steps. Clicking on the hig-res version, naturally, takes the user back to the low-res preview in List View. How does this work in Go? Ok on fingering the low-res image and getting the high-res, but how do I take users back to the low-res version?