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    Copy a Script



      Copy a Script


      As a begginer to Filemaker I am trying to fathom how to copy a script from one database to another.

      If I open the script I wish to copy I cannot see any way to select it to copy it.

      I have also tried Import with no success.

      Thanks for any replies.




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          Thank you for your post.

          At this time, FileMaker Go does not have the ability to copy or import a script.  You would have to do this in FileMaker Pro, and then move the file to FileMaker Go.

          In FileMaker Pro, select the database file where you want the script, pull down the Scripts menu and select "Manage Scripts...".  At the bottom of the "Manage Scripts" window, click the second from the right icon.  (If you put your cursor over the icon and let it sit for a couple of seconds, "Import" will be displayed.)

          Next, an "Open File" window appears.  Select the database file that has the script you want to copy and open it.  An "Import Scripts" window appears, and select the script(s) you want to copy.

          Let me know if you need additional clarification.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            You can also use Manage Scripts in Pro to open the file in the Script Editor where you can select, copy and paste script steps. This gives you the option of copying just a portion of a script from one Script to another either in the same file or a different one.

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              I had tried the copy and paste but was unable to copy the script set I needed, I did not see a way to do this.

              I tried selecting the step I needed and pressed Ctrl/C went into the script I was copying to and pressed Ctrl/V but nothing happend.

              I was unable to see a satifactory way of copy a whole or part of a scripe.





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                I knew I could do this with FileMaker Advanced, so I went over to a machine with regular FileMaker installed and ran my test there to make sure that this worked.

                On a windows XP machine running FileMaker Pro 10, not advanced:

                1. I opened Manage Scripts and double clicked a script listed in that window to open the script editor.
                2. I clicked an existing script step to highlight it.
                3. I pressed Ctrl-C
                4. I pressed Ctrl-V
                5. The selected step was pasted into the bottom of the current script.
                6. If I had held down the shift key while clicking, I could have selected and copied an entire block of script steps.


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                  Yes, but could I paste this script into another database with the same layout and name?, the one I am pasting to resides on another drive


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                    Yes, you can open another FileMaker file, start a new script and paste the copied steps into the script editor. Just like an imported script, any references to fields, layouts etc. within the script may need to be updated if there isn't a matching name for that object in this new file, but the steps will paste. Field name is not important here, usually, but the layout names and other objects more typically referenced by script steps are--so the results vary with the specific scripts steps being pasted.

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                      Thanks Phil

                      Very helpful