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    Copying remote database to local device



      Copying remote database to local device



      I am using FileMaker Go (for iPad) to get access (via WiFi) to a remote database that hosted in FileMaker Server. Now, I would like to copy that remote database locally so that I can still be able to access the data offline (understand that it would be the snapshot). How? I found that there is a Copy and Save feature, however, I found that the function is disabled...

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          You can copy a filemaker DB to you iPhone/iPad

          1.) using iTunes:

               (scroll down to see the bottom of the Apps Tab while your device is mounted) from there you can drag the file, or located it and copy it over via open/save dialog box

          2.) email it yourself,acess it via "Open with" from Mail when opening attachment (I HAVEN't Tried this, so can't give specifics)

          I'm not sure if copying over to dropbox, or using GoodReader - again using Open with services would work.. perhaps someone else will pipe in.