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    Corrupt File issue



      Corrupt File issue



      Had a system crash yesterday, the app is fotosf lite (i think it runs without a database)

      get message - the primary file is either not part of this application, is damaged or is already open


      Been told to download trial version and run recover

      firstly the latest version (11) won't install cos i'm running an old version of mac osx (1.4)

      Installing v9 won't work because i had a trial version a couple of years ago and every time i install and run it says my version has expired

      any clues?

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          FotoSF is not an app for IOS,  its a Filemaker Pro runtime file with a runtime engine.

          Since your file is damaged and you do not own Filemaker Pro, you could ask a friend who has Filemaker Pro to recover the damaged file for you. If you were to buy Filemaker Pro you could do this yourself and forgo using the Runtime engine and save disk space. Check with the seller about this.

          The comments below are for those who do not have backups since all you would need to do is drag the appropriate files from your backup.


          Don't you have a backup of your drive? If not, you have joined the club of millions who did know begin backing up until they lost something precious...me included but that was 20 years ago.

          If you have a backup you can just copy the original onto your drive and run it.

          Maybe it's time to spend a few bucks and update your system and buy Filemaker 11 and create a backup system, it's currently half price if you buy Go. Filemaker 12 is way overdue but hopefully they are adding much needed stuff to work with GO.

          Note that DropBox can be used as a backup method since you can drop files into the folder (hence the name) and they are then copied to the DropBox server (cloud). You can drag a copy at any time. Start with the free version and go to paid if you need to.

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            Yeah I posted in the main section as well.


            Manual backups allways a problem, last was a week ago, so when I get a new mac i will be running time machine for sure, but even then its recovery from an hour ago.

            Installed v10 and recovered perfectly! perhpas they should sell a stand alone recovery tool as this one will be useless in 30 days! There are other guys selling such a tool at $160, so meybe they have spotted a market opportunity.

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              You can buy Filemaker Pro and Filemaker Go as a package for about that much... So, you can buy a standalone recovery tool and you can run the files with Filemaker Pro and get rid of the run time engine assuming the links still work after you change the file names to xxx.fp7.

              The v10 isn't useless after 30 days you just need to pay the money to buy it.

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                i'm quite happy just having the runtime as i have no desire to start fiddling under the bonnet and change filenames etc as i'm not sure how this would affect the support i get, i just want to run it as it is.  i'm sure there are plenty like me, a stand alone recovery option would be of benefit to us IT numpters


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                  Recovery with Filemaker pro is simply selecting one menu item and locating the file...