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    Crashing in FMGo



      Crashing in FMGo


      We are getting reports from a couple users, and I have witnessed the behavior myself but cannot replicate it regularly. All users are up-to-date on their iOS and FM versions.  There are three actions that have caused it, which I know isn't super helpful, but that is what we are dealing with.

      1) When navigating among layouts.

      2) When adding one type of record.

      3) When touching a text field to enter notes.

      I have run Recovery on all the files and have never uncovered any problems.  Is there a resource that can help us diagnose this? We are at a total loss. We are looking at issuing refunds (not small money) if we can't find a solution.

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          It appears that items on a layout or a layout may be corrupt.  Recover does not always detect all issue.  I would try rebuilding the layout that is causing the issue such as the text field you enter notes.  You could have more than one layout corrupt.   When rebuilding the layouts do not copy items from the other databases as you could copy the corrupt object.  It would save time if you had a older backup that you could test.

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            Thanks- that sounds like a plan, albeit a bear of a task!  Our layouts are quite complex and will take days to rebuild from scratch, but if that is our only option... that tells me what I'm working on this week. I wish there was a way to detect corrupt objects. Thanks-


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              Markus Schneider

              Not all users have those crashes?

              What iOS devices are in use? Us there something in common? (ie 16GB devices, etc.)

              You could run FMVis or FMdiff to check for errors (both from Winfried Huslik, www.fmdiff.com)