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Create database copy so external SQL data is visible in FMG

Question asked by JSchoub on Dec 3, 2013
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Create database copy so external SQL data is visible in FMG


     Hi All,

     I'm a FileMaker newbie, and I'm trying to save a copy of my FMP database to use locally on my iPad. However, my FMP database includes external SQL sources, which I can't access from my iPad offline. Anyone have some advice as to how I can create a copy of my database, or a partial copy, so that I can see the external SQL data in Go?

     My end goal is to have technicians performing offline data entry, and to sync their new entries with my FMP database at the end of the day/week when they return (same as to the author's goal in this post: At some point I want to write/purchase a syncing script, as was suggested in the linked thread. In the meantime though I really need to continue with data collection, so I'm planning on using iTunes or email to transfer copies of the database back and forth. Does this seem like a reasonable way to progress?

     I'd really appreciate any advice. This forum has already been a huge help, and I'm looking forward to learning enough so that I can contribute back to it as well.