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    Create shortcut for network database



      Create shortcut for network database



      We installed the server version of FM11.

      We created a database on that server. (Not a standalone file).

      Now we want that the clients opens this database via a shortcut.

      Is this possible?


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          We do something like this, though I'm not sure it's properly called a shortcut, more like a launcher or starter file. It's a simple 0 record database file that is put on the iPad/iPhone using the iTunes file sync method. I just call it "Start". The key is that the file is set up (on a desktop computer) under the File > File Options... > Open/Close panel to carry the appropriate account and password for the user, and run a script that opens the needed file on the server, then closes the Start window. (I also have it set up so that if a modifier key is down during Start file launch, the script aborts, allowing editing on the desktop.)

          I've attached a screen shot that I think shows all the pertinent script and file setup windows.


          Oh, I guess a reply can't include a screen shot, so I've put it here:

          File Options and Scripts for Start

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            I suppose I should have mentioned that the script that refers to the file Lab Activities is accessing Lab Activities from the FileMaker Server. The reference to that file is set up in the Start file as an External Data Source with a file path fmnet:/FMS machine/Lab Activities. The FMS machine part is the IP address.

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              This could result in a security breach if the mobile device is lost or stolen. You might use the same opener file, but don't define a matching account name and password. The file then automatically finds and opens the file, but the user still has to enter a password to gain access--which is more secure.

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                Of course you are quite right!

                Alain, please do as he suggests.

                In our application I don't have to worry because the database is only on the LAN and local wireless, and it'd have to be a sick puppy to want to corrupt or steal data regarding plant growth. Everybody else should be more careful than we need to be.