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Creating a Filemaker Cloud

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Oct 21, 2011


Creating a Filemaker Cloud


I am working on an idea of using Filemaerk as a Cloud server:

Nothing really new or unique just a new way of looking at Filemaker. Instant Cloud, easy sharing of Files by clicking a button, etc.

One question I have is how Filemaker will perform downloading and uploading files under load. For instance, how many simultaneous downloads of inserted files would it take to slow things down.

The idea works just fine for me downloading a pre-selected set of files onto my Touch using MiFi and is really easier than using the Cloud, iCloud, DropBox and so on plus it provides security.

This requires a shared file on the Internet etiher on a Server or your desktop computer running Filemaker Pro.

I would appreciate any input on similar ideas or experience.