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    creating encrypt PDF files



      creating encrypt PDF files



      is it possible to make a encrypt pdf fils from Filemaker go?

      We want to make a application with a signature in it. But i dont want that anybody can chance the contain information of the PDF (normal users).

      In Acrobat you can add a security option to handle that. 

      Is this also possible from Fm Go?

      Kind regards


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          Armin Wittmann Cabrera:

          Thanks for posting.

          To confirm, you'd like to be able to save a pdf of one or multiple records and then password protect the resulting pdf file? If so, this can be done using a script that calls the Save Records as PDF script step. When you add this script step, you'll have the opportunity to enable "Specify Options". Enabling this will bring up an area where you can specify various PDF specifc settings, including setting a password. Testing indicates that a password protected PDF is not viewable on iOS. Instead, you'll need to either email the PDF or transfer it through iTunes to your computer. 

          It's also important to note that you'll need to specify the file path when you save a PDF through a script. I recommend using the Set Variable script step to build the file path and then refer to that in the Save Records as PDF script step. So your script might look something like this:

          Set Variable[$filePath;Get(DocumentsPath) & "PDFName.pdf"]

          Save Records as PDF[Restore;No Dialog;$filePath;Current Record]

          Please let me know if you'd like any clarification on the above.


          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Hello TSBear,

            thanks for the information.

            I want to do a application form that was filled out by our customers. This form must be signed and store in the database. The next step is, that the customer must receive a copy from this form. So i plan to produce after storing the information in DB to send a email with the form direct to the customer.

            In the script we must define the protection as default. Our salesstuff must not see the settings. This ill confuse the persons. Only click "send" and thats all.

            In case that FM must store first the PDF file, where will it stored on the IPad? We dont want that any information is stored direct on the maschine.

            I plan only the project. The project will be done outside our company. I must think about the protection from out customer information in combination with our law department to get the approval to impleentate this in our business plan.

            But i also try to get a deeper look in your product to understand the process :-)

            Kind regards