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Creating stand alone app from filemaker (not run time)

Question asked by on Feb 27, 2013
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Creating stand alone app from filemaker (not run time)


     I have created a filemaker database used by 40 staff daily on both ipads and windows machines (runtime)

     I would like to know if i can make a stand alone instance of this ipad app for my staff?

     why dont i continue to just use FM GO?

     well for

     1. I would like to distribute/force updates automatically through Airwatch

     2. It would be nice to have some corporate branding etc on the icon

     3. I would like to make more databases and dont want people having to switch between them in the FMGO control panel

     GoZync doesnt really suit (not cost effective)

     I heard mention of FMwrapper being a possible solution, but cant find any further information on it.

     I dont want to sell this as an app, just distribute internally. I dont feel like i need filemaker server at this point in time for a number of reasons i wont go into, my filemaker solution works perfectly, this functionality could just add a little more polish to the final product

     any suggestions would be appreciated