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Creating Temporary Records

Question asked by on Feb 8, 2012
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Creating Temporary Records


I have a need to copy portions of records to a similar temporary table, manipulate them then use the revised records to create link tables, etc.  I currently open a Layout linked to the primary table, create a found set, open a Layout linked to the temp table, import the found set into the temp table.  This works fine and is pretty fast.  Eventually, this app will have a web-based version.  It is my understanding that the Imports will not work in the web version.  Additionally, I have had issues with the Import on FileMaker Go when the FP7 file is resident on the iPad.  It works fine when it is shared by FMP 11 sharing.

I have been able to accomplish the same thing by opening the primary table layout, creating the found set, looping through the records while capturing needed data field into $$Temp_Variables, opening the temp table layout, create a new record, copy the $$Temp_Variables to the new record, switch back to the primary table layout, next record, repeat as necessary.  This is much slower.

Anyone have any best-practices on copying records to another table in the same database?