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Custom Dialog Layout Needs Adjusting for iPhone

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Feb 18, 2012
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Custom Dialog Layout Needs Adjusting for iPhone


I would like to use the Custom Dialog for data entry but the positioning of the fields on the layout needs to be adjusted upwards.



There is enough free space above the first line so that the three fields and buttons can be moved upwards so that the keyboard does not cover anything. Please have this fixed.

It seems to me that the designer might have selected the center function for these fields which is causing the problem. Nope, if I turn it horizontal, the fields don't move. So probably just a problem of dragging the fields up enough to avoid the keyboard and perhaps tighten up the space?

Also, it is interesting to note that when tapping into the field it does not expand the way the text fields do and the cursor blinks nicely. Why can't we have such nice fields on our layouts?


I've created a blog page discussing this problem: