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    Custom menus in FileMaker Go?



      Custom menus in FileMaker Go?


      Does anybody know how to access custom menus in FileMaker Go? According to the FileMaker Go Development Guide, it seems like custom menus are supported by FileMaker Go except for 4 small limitations (see below), but I can't get any of my custom menus to appear. 
      These are the only 4 limitations for custom menus that are outlined in the development guide:
      FileMaker Go doesn’t support: 
      -  custom menu items that were removed on the desktop
      - override of Quick Find by custom menus
      - override of Save Record and Exit Record by custom menus
      -  display of an ampersand (&) in custom menu titles

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          Steve Wright

          From what I understand, FileMaker go does not support custom menus in that way.
          If you over-ride existing commands available in FileMaker go with your own script, then these will work.

          For instance, I have a custom help script, which uses the filemaker help menu item as its source (to keep the F1 hotkey)

          Within Filemaker Go, the help option will open up my help guide via a browser, since I have it set to open a URL.  It will not open the default help provided by FMI.  I may be wrong, but Im still playing myself :-P

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            Thank you for your post.

            The answer provided by SWS is correct (Thank you!).

            Were you expecting the toolbar menu to display?  What are you trying to do?

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              I finally got the right answer from Steven Blackwell (see answer below).

              However, on FileMaker's end, it seems like the chart on this page is very misleading:


              That chart is misleading because it basically indicates that custom menus will work exactly how you have programmed them in FileMaker Pro, WITH THE MINOR EXCEPTION of the 3 bullet points that they list here (4 bullet points in the downloadable developer's guide).

              So the chart on that page is very misleading, because in actuality, custom menus DON'T WORK AT ALL except for how Steven Blackwell outlines below.

              I would recommend that FileMaker update that chart to accurately represent how FileMaker Go really handles custom menus.

              Here's Steven Blackwell's answer to me:

              "You can override the behavior of menu items, but you cannot add or remove menu items.

              You cannot add additional custom menus to your databases nor can you remove menus or menu items. You also cannot override the Quick Find menu item, the Save Record menu item, or the Exit Record menu item. You also may not use ampersands (&) in custom menu names.

              One important note—even though a menu item may not be displayed in the interface, if you have overridden its native FileMaker command in the menu set that overridden behavior will be honored and run your overriding script."



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                Uhhh... One CAN have hierarchical custom menus in Go!

                You just can't use the "Custom Menus" from FMP...

                To have custom menus there's only one caveat... you have to go to the Gear icon and select "Perform Script"


                When in FMP make scripts which fire off the same things your FMP menus did...

                Name them as you want the menu labels... organize them as you want them to be in the Script Manager with folders, seperators etc.. The when in FMG go to the Gear menu and select Perform Script...  there they are..

                Then have them available to the user only under a "Mobile" priv set and on startup get the Device type and use the priv set accordingly.

                Wnat more on FM Go work arounds???  Listen to the PODCAST!