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    Custom Menuset for FileMaker GO



      Custom Menuset for FileMaker GO



           Maybe someone here can help me out.

           In FMGO, I wanted to disable some functions (duplicate record, delete found records..., show ommited records, perform script) from the standard/default toolbar and retain the rest of the functions. So I have to create a custom Menuset and did not include the disabled items it works! but the backslash is I also have hard time looking for the function I wanted to retain (Print, Export, Save/Send .etc).


           I wonder how do I resolve this or is there a list for all the command function for FMGO.




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               FM Go could use some improvement in this area.   Create a seperate layout for items such as taking pictures / signatures and use the default menu on these layout and your custom menu on all other layouts.  You can still display the picture or signature on the main layout to give your app a professional look.   There may be some better method to handle this, I just haven't found any.   FM Go is still a work in progress compared to Filemaker Pro.


               You can alway make feature requests at the following link