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    Customized App Icon



      Customized App Icon



      I attended a FM12 release event last week in Vancouver and the presenter mentioned that there was a way to use Apple configurator that creates an icon that sits like an app on the iOS homescreens that uses a URL to open a filemaker database.

      Has anybody had any success doing this? I've installed Xcode and Apple configurator but am not quite sure what to do after that.


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          I have posted this question in the feedback section also. If you happen to find the answer in another place, please post it here. I am very insterested in finding a way to launch from my own custom icon.

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            Ok... figured it out. In the iPhone configuration utility you need to create a new configuration profile. It must have a name and identifier. Down the list you can create a new "Webclip". Create this, give it a name and use one of the following URL scheme. You will have to run a script to do this, I just run my normal open script. Also keep in mind the filename IS CASE-SENSITIVE and must have the .fmp12 file extension.

            local file URL:    fmp://~/<filename>?script=<scriptname>

            Hibernated file URL:    fmp://$/<filename>?script=<scriptname>

            Remote file URL:       fmp://<hostIP>/<filename>?script=<scriptname>


            After filling in the URL, you can upload your custon icon that will be displayed. I didn't check any of the checkboxes. Next you can export or share the newly created profile and email it to yourself. On your iOS device, open the email and open the attachment. Install the profile through the next screen. When you return to your home screen, you will see your new custom app icon, press it to open your filemaker file and run the script. Most of this is actually in the fm go development guide, but you still have to figure out most the configuration utility stuff by yourself.


            Hope this helps.

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              That's pretty awesome. Just tried it!