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    Data collection batch input too slow



      Data collection batch input too slow


      For my application I use a code scanner. The scanner is set in batch mode so all data is copied in one time in to filemaker using a bluetooth connection (keyboard).

      The scanner is configured with an interval as the data below here;

      "CODE" <TAB> "CODE" <ENTER> 
      "CODE" <TAB> "CODE" <ENTER> 
      "CODE" <TAB> "CODE" <ENTER> 
      "CODE" <TAB> "CODE" <ENTER> 

      All entries must be translate into an individual record. To achieve that , I thought using the following scripting option " Code ( Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) ) = 13" as script triggers  OnLayoutKeystroke to create a new record. Now this function works well on the Filemaker Pro environment but Filemaker Go seems to be too slow to perform this function. Because the transition to a post not consistently done in the end part (enter). Does anyone have an idea how I get this feature properly.

      (when I try it to import data in another application like Excel the enterfuntion works well)

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          Thank you for your post.

          The script trigger OnLayoutKeystroke evaluates every keystroke.  A desktop machine (Windows or Mac OS X) has a faster processor than iOS, so performance will be slower under iOS.

          Do you get an error message?  If so, what is it?

          One possible workaround under iOS is to batch the information into a global field, and then have a script parse the data putting it  into the proper fields/records.

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            In my own applications I am using a Motorola CS3000 series bluetooth scanner, but I tend not to use the batch function for a number of reasons which relate to the lack of instant feedback to the user as to what they have scanned.

            What I have found works for me is a header table (day record) and a related transactions table. with this I have found that by using an iPad with a FMGO layout based on the header and a portal to the transactions I can scan directly into a new record, commit the request and advance to the next new record. There is only a slight delay as the characters 40 or 50 (EAN 128 with various AI's) of them are populated into the barcode scan field. All other extractions, lookups or auto enter data happen almost instantaneously.

            It might be an approach worth considering.