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    Database not resizing to Landscape mode



      Database not resizing to Landscape mode



      I have built a database for an ipad, to be used in landscape mode (fits perfectly).

      However, when we open it it opens in portrait mode and resizes to this (reduces). When we then turn the ipad, it stays in that small size.

      Does anyone know what I could do to avoid having to resize it manually to its proper size - to have it automatically resize to the correct landscape size?


      Appreciate your help.

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          Refresh window may or may not work. I've seen the same or similar happen on the iPhone. In my case using the two finger squeeze or expand fixed it imperfectly.

          The use of the size functin and clicking the Lock button may eliminate the problem by forcing the layout to stay in one selected mode, landscape or portrait. Use a button on the layout that says Portrait or Landscape and design a layout for both.

          Or, design the layout in Portrait mode and adjust it to expand or slide/expose in Landscape. Both methods are compromises while the selection of mode by button gives you more control and fewer compromises.

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            Just add a startup script to your database (under File>File Options, you can select an opening and closing script).  Just add the "Set Zoom Level" script step to 100% and select the lock option and your layout should behave as you wish on the iPad.  You could also use Get(WindowContentHeight) and Get(WindowContentWidth) to determine which orientation the iPad is being held in and show a custom dialog to the user if they are not in Landscape, but that may not be necessary for your solution.

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              Zoom Lock only prevents the zooming of the windows using finger swipes, it doesn't lock the orientation to vertical or horizontal. As on 11 there is no function from this that I can find.

              We need Set Orientation(v or h; Lock ) otherwise we have to play games with expanding fields or hidden sliding fields. Until then I am going to implement a button that window width and selects a layout accordingly for those who have to change orientation. Hmm, if Filemaker implemented the IOS function to determine H or V, life would be easier: Get(HorVOrientation) and a layout trigger or alarm or something.

              Content Width is the only needed function for determining orientation: 320, 489, 763, 1024 and you can determine which iPhone or Ipad.

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                Thanks Jack & Justin,

                I have put in a script setting the zoom at 100%, but have taken the lock off it in the end. Smile

                Without the lock it can still be resized with the squeeze if needed, but the zoom setting starts it off in the right size.

                They will have to turn it into landscape mode to see the whole screen, but this is what was wanted anyway.

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                  Many developers are using sliding hidden areas to make the layouts more interesting.

                  I have two web pages you might find interesting:

                  http://wp.me/p1AmGx-hb  Simple mathematics for the sliding areas

                  http://wp.me/1AmGx  How to hid a picture of a fron behind a 1 pixel line. More interesting on the actual Filemaker page...

                  The idea is that you create the layout objects so that they move into place if the orientation changes. A few developers have made this into an artform. Although I think I am the first to hide a frog behind a 1 pixel line...

                  If you are interested you can find videos on YouTube about this.