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    Default Remote Connection



      Default Remote Connection


           Is there a way to make a default remote connect when someone opens a solution.




           I want to send someone a solution but it's the first time they used FileMaker Go 12 is it possible to send a customer my solution and when they open it on the iPad it automatically opens FileMaker Go 12 with the remote information already entered for them


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               Not a problem at all.

               Create an opener file and password protect it for that client.

               Create a button with Open File and use the remote button at the bottom to locate your remote file. This stores the address in the button or script if you use one.

               The client should know a useable account and password which should be used in this opener file. 

               You can set the file to open the remote file automatically or via a button for the client to tap or click.


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                 Can you explain more,  I created a button with Open File  but the remote button you meantion I dont see.  When I choose Open File if shows a specify drop down menu the choices are

                 Add Filemaker Data Source

                 Add ODBC Data source

                 manage Data Source

                 Using Open Remote does not give me a choice to enter remote information

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                   I found the remote button but when I test it,  it keeps saying no wifi connection is available, can this work over 3G?

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                     Ok it works on the desktop FMPro but not on FilemakerGo 12

                     On the Ipad it only looks for the local host.

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                       My remote button logs in just fine so you might have some debugging to do. 

                       I created the button using Filemaker Pro and when I transfer the file to my Touch and use Filemaker Go 12 it opens the remote file as I said it would.

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                         Here's a graphic description on my blog just for you! (and anyone else who looks.)

                         Step by step with pictures is preferable to text, right.


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                           Thanks, I did the steps and it does work on the desktop on my network and remotely from another location but when I transfer it onto my Iphone or Ipad it says

                           The File "filename.fmp12" cound not be opened. (Not Found)


                           I will keep trying



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                             OK, I got it 


                             i used open URL instead of open file and put the network address in the open url field and it worked.  This is great now I dont have to explain to people how to setup FMGO on their device.



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                               I was wrong, this is truly frustrating, Open URL does not work  when I thought it did.  


                               Open File opens on my local network and also I have to create a script on another computer because when I it on my main computer and use open remote then choose the remote file then open (It does not have a OK button to just select the remote file) it crashes Filemaker by saying that my license does not allow the serial number to open remote file or something like that.


                               So I am back to where I started from

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                                 Larry Williams:

                                 Thank you for your posts.

                                 Perhaps you could explain what steps laid out by "Jack Rodgers" fails for you.  For example, the script works in FileMaker Pro, but when I attempt to open the file locally (or remotely) in FileMkaer Go, the script fails.  Are you specifying the full path of the file being referenced?  Are you using IP Address or DSN?

                                 FileMaker, Inc.

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                                   I used the steps in this post


                                   I picked remote from the list of favorite host, i picked my DNS ( I tried both DNS & IP) then I picked the filename.  Under network Path is listed my DNS then filename then I pressed Open. ( I cant do it from my main computer with FM Pro 12 Advanced because it closed FM saying my license will not allow or something like that, so I have to use my other computer that has FM Pro 12


                                   When I test the script it works with my network but when I turn off wifi on Ipad it say can not find file, the only time it will work is if I am on a different wifi network (My Job or Brother's house) then redo the script with the same steps and then the script will work.

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                                     There are numerous steps to be take to set up the IOS device:

                                     Go to Settings and select the connection, WiFi, etc. The user must do this as Filemaker is not designed to do this for you.

                                     Filemaker Pro's print step is 20 years out of date and does not offer the use of variables or fields to set the options such as number of copies, selection or current record, etc. Look at how much more advanced the WebViewer options are...

                                     The user can select a default printer and then use the File:Print command or the developer can choose to show the page setup and print dialogs and let the user make a selection.

                                     But would it not be best to have the option for the user to set up the default printer ONCE and have the script always use that info? Filemaker Go and Filemaker Pro could use the Settings idea to choose one or more default printers anywhere in the world.

                                     I'm trying to script these for a client but what a mess it is...

                                     And a secondary problem is that on a network only one user can be using a copy of Filemaker Pro with a specific serial number.